Pigeon Proofing Spike Solves the Troubles from Pigeons

Pigeons have been recognized as No.1 pest birds for their damages to the people, properties and environments. One of their damages is their droppings which contain an acidic component that is highly corrosive and brings a lot of virus.

Pigeon spikes are versatile bird control products extensively used in a wide variety of situations including commercial buildings, industrial parks, banks, houses, retail parks and pubs. These bird proofing spikes are alternatives for pest bird control products for their easy installation, flexibility as well as long durability.

100% stainless steel pigeon spikes are ideal for commercial bird control as a result of their longest life expectancy and no maintenance after installation. Stainless steel base won't allow for sunlight through, which will have chemical reactions with glues.

Combination pigeon spikes consist of stainless steel rods and UV resistant polycarbonate bases. A number of spikes arrangements can satisfy your requirements including the protection width and height of spikes.

Two types of pigeon control spikes: UV resistant polycarbonate bases and stainless steel base spikes.
PS-1: Two main types of pigeon spikes

Product specification:

  • Item: pigeon spikes.
  • Material of wire: stainless steel.
  • Material of base: stainless steel or polycarbonate.
  • Wire diameter: 1.3 mm.
  • Height of spike: 110 mm.
  • Length: 500 mm.
  • Width: 60 mm.
  • Thickness: 2 mm.

Features & benefits:

  • Available in 100% stainless steel construction.
  • Humanely prevent pigeons from perching on places.
  • Suitable for any substrate - masonry, steel, lead, PVC, glass & ceramic tiles.
  • Target birds: pigeons, gulls and other similar birds.
  • Flexible and available for most applications.
  • Easy to install.
  • Long life span.
  • Economical cost.


  • Building ledges.
  • Window sills.
  • Steel beams & girders.
  • Roof lines.
  • Signs.
  • Lights.
  • Parapet walls.
  • Chimneys.
Anti pigeon spikes installed on steel girder.
PS-2: Girder pigeon proof spikes.
Pigeon deterrent spikes installed besides the solar panels.
PS-3: Pigeon deterrent spikes installed under the solar panels.
Pigeon control spikes for exposed ledge of window.
PS-4: Pigeon proof spikes for the window sill.
Pigeon spikes around the lights stopping pest birds landing.
PS-5: Pigeon spikes for outdoor lights.
Pigeon deterrent spikes protecting the grassland.
PS-6: Pigeon spikes barrier used in commercial buildings.
Gutter pigeon proofing spikes.
PS-7: Pigeon proofing spikes installed on gutter.

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