Security Spikes & Bird Spikes - Affordable & Effective

Anti Climb Razor Spikes

Anti climb razor wall spikes with three sizes and any color coating are commonly installed on wall, fencing and gates for perimeter security.

Razor Channel Security Spikes

Razor channel anti climb security spikes including U-channel, W-channel & razor comb, are often fixed to boundary wall, fence and fence gates.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes with stainless steel or UV resistant polycarbonate bases are ideal for any places where bird landing is prevented.

Pigeon Spikes

Stainless steel pigeon spikes with stainless base or polycarbonate base are popular way to solve pigeon problems in commercial and public places.

Seagull Spikes

Seagull deterrent spikes are very affordable and effective in protecting your roofs and commercial premises from seagulls.

Bird Control Wire

Bird wire system is the most friendly method to get away pigeons, seagulls and other large birds.

Bird Coil

Bird deterrent coil is ideal for long place like parapet walls where pest birds like pigeons, seagulls love to perch on.