Bird Spikes Barrier Humanely Protects the Environments

A pigeon is circling over bird spikes.
BS-1: Pigeon spikes.

Pest birds can bring health problems, cost of maintenance and other risks to the public and your families. Humane bird deterrence is widely recognized and effective method. Anti bird spikes are versatile bird control products for most area where birds love to stay. They are manufactured by stainless steel wires with blunt tips and UV resistant polycarbonate base or stainless steel base. Different spike widths and heights will divide the effects of birds repellent. Commonly, the higher and the wider means better results in stopping pest birds. However, the cost will be higher. Suitable bird spikes are recommended according to your specific applications.

  • Bird spikes - stainless steel rods & polycarbonate base
    Bird control spikes consist of stainless steel rods and clear UV resistant polycarbonate base for long durability while protecting against the pest birds like seagulls. Blunt steel rods will not hurt the birds but scare them away. There are four types of bird spikes provided including narrow, wide, extra wide and extra tall. They are designed to meet different applications.
    Bird spikes supplied with narrow, regular, extra wide and extra tall.
    BS-2: Four types of bird spikes with polycarbonate base.


    • Item: bird spikes - stainless steel rods & polycarbonate base.
    • Material: stainless steel rods & polycarbonate base.
    • Rod diameter: 2 mm.
    • Width: 2-1/2 inch to 8-1/2 inch.
    • Height: 4-5/16" to 6".
    • Length: 1' or 3'.

    Features & benefits:

    • Humane bird deterrent product.
    • Flexible base.
    • Extremely easy to install.
    • 1 foot length accommodating any configuration.
    • More economical than 100% stainless steel bird spikes.
    • 5-year warranty.
  • Bird spikes - stainless steel rods & stainless steel base
    Our 100% stainless steel bird control spikes are most effective way for commercial pest bird control. Different from clear polycarbonate base which will allows for the sunlight to penetrate and impact on the glue, unclear and most durable stainless steel rejects any sunlight and ensure a 10-year warranty. Besides, stainless steel base also has holes for screwing into any surface which is not suitable for glue.
    Stainless steel bird spikes from narrow to extra wide.
    BS-3: Three types of stainless steel bird spikes.


    • Item: 302 stainless steel bird spikes.
    • Material: stainless steel rods & stainless steel base.
    • Rod diameter: 2 mm.
    • Height of spike: 4.3 inch.
    • Width: 2 inch to 8 inch.
    • Length: 3 feet.

    Features & benefits:

    • Blunt-tipped stainless steel rods prevent injury.
    • Weather corrosion resistant stainless steel.
    • Easy installation including glued or screwed to any surface.
    • Humane pest bird control product.
    • Target birds: pigeons, seagulls, crows and other large pest birds.
    • Versatile bird deterrent product for different applications.
    • 10-year warranty.

Applications of bird deterrent spikes:

  • Ledges.
  • Parapet walls.
  • Beams.
  • Chimneys.
  • Cutouts.
  • Security cameras.
  • Lights.
  • Roofs.
  • Gutters.
Stainless steel bird spikes with pre-punched holes.
BS-4: Stainless steel bird spikes.
Bird spike strip with UV resistant polycarbonate base.
BS-5: Bird spikes with clear polycarbonate base.
Stainless steel bird spikes installed along the ledge of building.
BS-6: Bird control spikes installed along the ledge of a large building.
Bird spikes glued on the roof tops.
BS-7: Stainless steel bird spikes for roof tops.
Bird spikes installed on the pipe along the wall.
BS-8: Bird spikes for exposed pipe.
Bird spikes barrier glued outside the window.
BS-9: Pest bird spike barrier for window sill.
Anti-perching bird spike barrier for exposed steel H beam.
BS-10: Anti-perching bird barrier for exposed H beam.

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