Wall Spikes - a Stronger Barrier against Intruders

Perimeter security has received more and more attention from householders and business owner, to large company or government organizations. The surroundings where you live and work are not as safe as they looks. As the first barrier against intruders, thefts and burglars, perimeter fencing or wall should be equipped with metal security spikes like razor spikes to warn the unwelcome visitors away.

What types of wall spikes are supplied?
There are mainly 2 types of wall spikes - razor spikes & razor channel spikes. Both of them are suitable for toppings of wall and fencing. To increase their deterrence, they are manufactured by steel plate with sharp blades, which may hurt the intruders if they climb over the spikes. These metal security spikes are galvanized or PVC coated to match the backgrounds and resist corrosion from the environments. Generally speaking, the spikes will need no maintenance after installation.

Are there precautions before installing razor spikes?
Of course there are. Razor spikes will cause injury to people who entry from fence or wall. And the law says that duty has been discharged if you've warned people that anti climb spikes are used. Hence, you should add a warning notice saying the dangerous in a place where most people can see it.

Black razor wall spikes under the electric wire fencing.
WS-1: Wall razor spikes under electrical wire fence.
Sharp razor wall spikes on the top of concrete wall around the factory.
WS-2: Razor wall spikes installed on concrete perimeter wall.
Aggressive wall spikes installed on the tops of white wall.
WS-3: Residential perimeter wall uses razor spikes to stop intruders.
Metal security spikes on the garden perimeter wall.
WS-4: Metal wall spikes on the garden wall.

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