3 Tools to Get Away Pigeons

Pigeons cause a lot of problems to the city
Pest pigeon problems

Pigeons are ranked No.1 urban pest birds and cause a host of problems to the public. Every year, the government, commercial organizations and families have to invest a lot of money in solving pigeon problems.

Pigeons identification
Problem pigeons feature small head, short legs, blue-grey feather and markings in black, white or brown on the wings and neck. They often land on pipes, ledges or walk along flat surfaces, where they can find food resources on the ground and find predators approaching. Their nests are usually built in small and flat areas including ledges, window sills or air conditioning units.

What about the main pigeon problems?
Spread of histoplasmosis. Droppings and dead bodies of pigeons contain a lot of diseases, many of which are transferable to human beings. Once the fences are disturbed, the illnesses will spread through the air.
Droppings. First, pigeon feces including uric acid is highly corrosive and will cause damage to metal substrates such as cars, fences, beams, pipes, etc. Second, their droppings are smelly and slippery. They will contaminate the environments and hard to wash off. Third, droppings combined with feathers may block vents on buildings.

Excellent products of getting rid of pigeons:
Diverse methods are used to control pigeons. We will provide you humane, eco-friendly solutions to get away pest pigeons in an economical way. Pigeon spikes, bird control wire and bird coil will permanently prevent pest pigeons from landing on ledges, rooftops, window sills, beams, pipes and other similar areas.

Pigeon problem solutions including pigeon spikes, bird wire and bird coil.
Pigeon control products.

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