Anti Climb Security Spikes for a Safe House & Workplace

With the growing gap between rich and poor, and the increasing rate of crimes, perimeter security for corporations, organizations and houses are much more important than before. The previous perimeter wall or fence is not aggressive enough to stop intruders or unwelcome visitors. Metal spikes with razor blades add strength and deterrence and effectively reduce the rate of unlawful incursion.

Anti climb spikes are manufactured by stainless steel plate or steel plate with sharp blades and rib construction which adds the strength. These razor spikes can be installed on the tops of perimeter fencing and walls. According to the law - 1984 Occupier' Liability Act, it says that the duty of care to protect everyone, including thieves and intruders who may hurt by fence or wall spikes. But at the same time, the law also says, the duty will be discharged if you've warned people of the existing hazard. So a warning sign is very necessary.

Depending on the deterrence of anti climb spikes, the number of intruders has descended. More and more large companies, factories, government units and even residential houses have installed them. Two types of metal security spikes are provided including razor spikes and razor channels.

Galvanized razor spikes installed on the rails of black palisade fence.
ACS-1: Galvanized razor security spikes for palisade fencing.
Anti climb security spikes for chain link fencing topping.
ACS-2: Metal security spikes for chain link fence.
Razor comb security spikes for timber fencing.
ACS-3: Razor comb security spikes for the timber fence.
Galvanized razor spikes welded on the top of roll top fencing.
ACS-4: Razor spikes welded to the roll top fencing.
Two rows of anti climb spikes installed on the top of the wall.
ACS-5: Perimeter wall anti climb spikes.

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