• Metal security fencing installed on timber fencing protecting the family security.
  • Anti bird spikes for the parapet wall.
  • Stainless steel bird spikes for longer durability.
  • Anti climbing galvanized and PVC coated blue razor spikes.
  • Bird deterrent wire suspended by spring provides unsafe place for birds perching on.

Security Spikes & Bird Control Products for Safe Living Condition

From its inception in 1995, Shandong Xingying Environmental Energy Technology Co. LTD has been devoted itself in manufacturing and developing security spikes and bird control products. Thanks to our quality products, satisfying designs and reasonable prices, our products have been widely recognized by distributors, wholesalers and importers from UK, South Africa, USA and other countries and regions.

Our main products

Security spikes - razor spikes and razor channels

Security spikes are getting more popular among householders, companies, government units and other organizations all around the world. Typical perimeter fencing or wall can't bring you the same feeling of security as aggressive and deterrent metal razor spikes. These anti climb spikes are usually installed on the top of perimeter fence or wall with height at least 2 m. They can be hot-dip galvanized or PVC coated to add its corrosive resistance to all weathers. PVC coating is available in any RAL color to match the background.

Metal security spikes have two groups - razor spikes and razor channels. There are three points in common - made by steel plate, easy installation and warning signs. Their differences lie in their deterrence and applications. Razor spikes are more aggressive than razor channels, and can cause heavy injury to any intruder. They are ideal for fences like chain link fence or palisade fencing, or perimeter wall with narrow surface. However, razor channel spikes are suitable for flat surface like roof. And they are not as deterrent as razor spikes.

Deterrent security spikes for perimeter fencing and walls.
Bird spikes, bird coil and bird wire are friendly deterrence for pest birds.

Bird control products

Bird spikes are one of the most popular bird deterrent products. They can be made into different lengths, widths and heights to resolve different bird pressure problems. Bird spikes are 1 foot and can be cut into any length to fit the protection area. Width and heights are important factors in bird control. Usually, for pigeons and seagulls, the control spikes should be higher and wider.

Bird control wire is another popular bird repellent product. It is ideal for long ledges such as roof top lines, pipes, building ledges. This bird control system is totally friendly to pest birds and effectively get them rid of the places where it is installed.

Similar to bird wire, bird coil is easy to install along roof ledges, window sills, beams. It provides unsafe landing place for the birds and force them to find new places.

Shandong Xingying Environmental Energy Technology Co. LTD has devoted engineering team to develop new products to meet the changing requirements of the market. Our success is decided by the success we create for our customers. All of our staffs will value big or small orders and provides our best services to you.

Hot Products

Anti Climb Razor Spikes

Anti climb razor wall spikes with three sizes and any color coating are commonly installed on wall, fencing and gates for perimeter security.

Razor Channel Security Spikes

Razor channel anti climb security spikes including U-channel, W-channel & razor comb, are often fixed to boundary wall, fence and fence gates.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes with stainless steel or UV resistant polycarbonate bases are ideal for any places where bird landing is prevented.

Pigeon Spikes

Stainless steel pigeon spikes with stainless base or polycarbonate base are popular way to solve pigeon problems in commercial and public places.

Anti Climb Spikes

Anti climb spikes installed on the top of perimeter fencing or walls add deterrence to intruders and improve safety factor.

Wall Spikes against Intruders

Wall spikes including razor spikes and razor channels are designed to scare off intruders.

How to Get Away Pigeons

Pigeons especially their droppings will cause a lot of problems to the public places and houses. Bird spikes, wire and coil will stop them landing on ledges.

How to Install Bird Coil Barrier

Bird coil barrier is a popular bird control products for its affordable price as well as easy installation.